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Most Popular Social Networking Sites to Drive Traffic to Your Website

social bookmarking sites list
Social networking sites begins with Twitter, Delicious, Pinterest and Digg, heralded the Web 2.0 era of the internet. These sites offers a lot of features such as sharing, tagging, bookmark-lets & web feeds which helps the user to organize their bookmarks in a flexible way.

Social networking sites allows user to add, annotate & share bookmarks to online resources. Through these sites you can generate hundreds of thousands of visitors, just in an overnight.

You can find on web and get a plenty of great resource of bookmarking & social networking sites to increase or drive the social media traffic on your blog & website.

Social Networking & Web 2.0 Sites To Increase Website Traffic with their Effective Use :

1. Twitter 
twitter logo
Google PageRank: 10 | Alexa Traffic Rank: 11

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know about Twitter, which is ranking on 11th position on the most visited website in the US on behalf of Alexa rank. Twitter enable users to send and read "tweets" which is a text message of 140 characters.

Without having any account or registration, a user only can read the tweets. Twitter is less of a social bookmarking site but it's more of a social sharing site. Still, you can generate massive amounts of traffic with the right content through Twitter.

Tips for Sharing on Twitter :
  • The key to being successful on Twitter is to be topical and relevant. Tweet about JLo’s breakup & Marc Antony when the British Royal baby is being revealed won’t get you huge traffic. On the current happening across the globe, keep a close eye and share only relevant tweets.
  • Humor goes a long way in keeping your followers interested on Twitter.
  • On Twitter creating (and courting) controversy is the simplest way to get noticed. But be careful not to harm your own reputation as you parade around like a Twitter drama queen!

2. Google+ 
Google Plus Logo
Google PageRank: 9 | Alexa Traffic Rank: 1

Google+ the most famous social networking site all around the world, was launched in 28th June 2011. It is believed as an answer to Facebook given by Google. Google+ or G+ is also pronounced as Google Plus, a best platform to share information, messages, images & videos, explore your interests and to stay in touch with your friends & family who have their own account on Google plus. 

If you are a writer or having interest on blogging then you must share your blog on Google+ also. Now Google+ gives an additional benefits to authors known as authorship (dubbed as AuthorRank). So if you are famous on G+ with huge crowd then there is more possibility for your post to be on top position at SERP with the G+ profile picture. 

Benefits of Google Plus :

  • Create page & communities relevant to your business.
  • Join & share your post on the relevant communities
  • Add relevant hastags (#tags) with your post
  • Hangout with the people in the network from all across the world

3. Facebook 
facebook logo
Facebook Logo
Google PageRank: 9 | Alexa Traffic Rank: 2

Facebook connects people together from all over the world, not only connects but also allows people to communicate, share ideas, videos, pictures & news among them. A billions of active users has made it the largest website among the other social networking sites in the world.

Facebook has transformed the way for businesses to present their services or products across the world among the mass targeted audience in a sensational win-win manner.

Tips for Sharing on Twitter :
  • On Facebook posts should be topical and relevant. 
  • Also follow the trends on Facebook as same on twitter.
  • Tag peoples in your post & join the communities.

4. Pinterest 
Pinterest logo
Pinterest Logo
 Google PageRank: 9 | Alexa Traffic Rank: 28

Pinterest is ranking as 15th most visited website in the United Stated - a breakthrough website of 2012. It is is for sharing images, not links – a medium that makes it perfect for the current image-centric nature of the internet.

For a particular subject, you can create ‘boards’ and post plenty of pins (image from across the internet on it) on those boards.

Tips for Sharing on Pinterest :
  • Pinterest’s user base remains mainly female, so sharing links/pictures that interest this demographic is vital to successful sharing on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest’s strength is its striking visual content. If your pictures are not up to par, you can forget about getting plenty of traffic and shares.
  • Arrange pictures thematically and should be related to the subjects. Pinterest pin-boards tend to rank well on Google.

5. StumbleUpon 
StumbleUpon logo
StumbleUpon Logo
Google PageRank: 8 | Alexa Traffic Rank: 157

Throughout its long history (it was sold to Ebay before the original founders bought it back), StumbleUpon has been the go-to destination for literally, stumbling upon links.

Still the website retains a strong user-base (it is the 221st most popular website in the world) with millions of unique visitors each month.

Tips for Sharing on StumbleUpon :
  • StumbleUpon favors entertainment and ‘fun’ (think cat pictures and rage comics) links over more serious subjects.
  • To get additional traffic you can use StumbleUpon’s unique ‘Paid Discovery’ advertising service.

6. Reddit 
Reddit logo
Reddit Logo
Google PageRank: 8 | Alexa Traffic Rank: 73

Reddit is the self-styled ‘front page of the internet’. It is the 49th most visited website in the US and served 37 billion page views in 2012. It is also known as a social news & entertainment site that except the content in the form of links & text posts. The registered user can vote "up" or "down" on each post to determine their rank on the website page.

Tips for Sharing on Reddit :
  • There are sub-reddits (categories) on Reddit. Share your links on the most relevant sub-reddit is crucial to getting the highest possible traffic.
  • Reddit is very strict against spamming. Share fresh content & genuine links and get involved in the discussions to derive maximum mileage from your shares.
  • Even if you're remotely famous or have a unique life experience, consider doing an AMA for additional traffic.

Feel free to mentioned your favorite sites that we have overlooked in this post? Share in the comments below!

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