Monday, 31 March 2014

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Top 10 Comedian Quotes : When Your Job Makes You Want to Cry

Top 10 Comedian Quotes - Find On Web
Even if you don't have planned to switch your career or you're not quite ready to get a job leap, then stop complaining about your job and 10 to 7 cubicle nightmare.

You need some inspiration to get a rewarding career path but until you don't get it, read these 10 inspiring comedian quotes which will motivate you to be a slightly preferable version of you today. 

That motivation may be come from a palce which is unexpected, such as the words of comedians. Funny folks including Conan O'Brien, Kristen Wiig and Louis C.K. might seem more likely to tickle your funny bone than inspire your thoughts, but if would stop your laugh for a moment then might you'll learn here something.

List of Top 10 Comedian Quotes Are Mentioned Below:- 

1. Steve Martin : 

Steve Martin - Find On Web

2. Amy Poehler :

Amy Poehler - Find On Web

3. Louis C.K. :

Louis C.K.- Find On Web

4. Kristen Wiig :

Kristen Wiig - Find On Web

5. Conan O'Brien :

Conan O'Brien - Find On Web

6. Bob Hope :

Bob Hope - Find On Web

7. Jon Stewart :

Jon Stewart - Find On Web

8. Bill Cosby :

Bill Cosby - Find On Web

9. Tina Fey :

Tina Fey - Find On Web

10. George Burns :

George Burns - Find On Web

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Sunday, 30 March 2014

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The Most Shared Viral Video Ads of 2013

In the past year 2013 there were so many shocking, hilarious and scary ads who had inspired the viewers to share them with their friends.

A list of most shared ads in 2013 has released by video technology company Unruly. We have mentioned below a wide range of the most shared viral video ads of 2013, not just based on their views but on the basis of how many times the viewers shared these ads on facebook, twitter (social networking sites) or on a blog.

List of the Most Shared Viral Video Ads of 2013 :

1. Dove "Real Beauty Sketches" 4.24 million shares :

Dove uses a clever method to make women confront misconceptions about their appearance and the result prompts some very emotional reactions.

2. Geico "Hump Day" 4.03 million :

This ad, featuring an excitable camel, gets a spike in views every Wednesday.

3. Evian "Baby & Me" 3.34 million :

The sequel to the uber-successful "Roller Babies" ad does just fine on its own.

4. Kmart "Ship My Pants" 3.05 million :

A silly, off-color pun goes from mildly amusing to hilarious in 30 seconds.

5. Cornetto "Yalin Keyfi Yolunda, Aşkı Sonund" 2.91 million :

A Wes Anderson-esque tale of young love from Turkey.

6. Budweiser "Brotherhood" 2.72 million :

One of the best-received ads of this year's Super Bowl features a sentimental trainer raising a Clydesdale.

7. PepsiMax "Test Drive" 2.69 million :

OK it was fake, but it was fun: Nascar driver Jeff Gordon goes incognito for a test drive and an actor does a great job pretending to be freaked out.

8. MGM/Carrie "Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise" 2.17 million :

More fakery, this time in a coffee shop to promote the movie Carrie. Is it me or does everything seem fake about this? Ironically the movie was overtaken by Gravity at the box office.

9. Ram Trucks "Farmer" 1.88 million :

Another ad that proves that you don't have to (try to) be funny to be remembered during the Super Bowl. The ad was a rip off of an older one, but this one was much better.

10. Volvo Trucks "Jean-Claude Van Damme Epic Split" 1.82 Million :

A latecomer, Jean-Claude Van Damme's was the split that was seen round the Internet. People couldn't help passing it around, even though it wasn't nearly as dangerous as it looked.

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Saturday, 22 March 2014

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Effect of Smoking : 5 Reasons To Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking
It is safe to say that you are thinking that it hard to surrender the tobacco BFF? Any propensity is touch to break yet there are some that are more important to wipe out than others.

Smoking is a propensities. Yes, it is your life and you have the right to settle on your own choices. However, the choices that you make will influence the individuals that you love. Think twice before you take an alternate puff. Your life and your health are at stake. 

over 438,000 Americans (18.1 percent of all passing) kick the bucket due to smoking every year. Second hand smoking kills something like 50,000 of them. 

Studies demonstrate that smoking records for give or take 20% of all male passings and 5% of female passings around Indians between the ages of 30-69. 

Almost two-third of men and ladies who smoke can hope to bite the dust between the ages of 30 and 69, contrasted and around 40% of non-smoking men and ladies who are comparable in different ways. 

There necessities to be a prompt control on this less than great propensity as it murders almost 1 million individuals consistently in India.

1.2 million individuals in China pass on account of smoking every year. That is 2,000 individuals a day

Tobacco utilization will execute 1 billion individuals in the 21st century if current smoking patterns proceed. Around 100 million individuals kicked the bucket on account of tobacco use in the twentieth century. 

In Europe 650,000 bite the dust every year from tobacco -related sicknesses. That is almost 1 in 10 of all passing's in India.half of Indian guys use tobacco and it is getting to be more mainstream with more youthful individuals. In India about 900,000 Indians bite the dust a year from smoking- related illnesses (Hawkins). 

As stated by WHO's 'Worldwide Status Report on Noncommunicable Diseases', very nearly six million individuals kick the bucket from tobacco utilize every year, out of which more than 600,000 bite the dust from second-hand smoke.

If you want reasons to quit smoking then here are 5 to make you quit now:- 

1. It destroy your brain chemistry.

2. It reduces the oxygen level to the brain which can affect your mental function.

3. It causes your teeth to turn yellow.

4. It may lead to other serious health issues such as heart disease, strokes, heart attacks, cancer.

5. It causes bad breath.

How to Quit/stop Smoking:- 

Quit Smoking

  • Smoking is an enslavement that obliges determination and exertion to succeed. It is critical to have an arrangement set up since the whole stopping procedure is a trip and can't be accomplished in one go. To get out from under free of a propensity it is first vital to comprehend the example.
  • Make inquiries to yourself like, 'When did I smoke the first cigarette of the day?' or 'Is smoking a social or single movement?' These responses will help the smoker to be more aware of the desire, empowering him/her to abstain from carelessly connecting for a smoke. 
  • Besides, plan yourself to kick the propensity. The very beginning of the arrangement ought to start before the real quit day. Take this time to distinguish and after that begin abstaining from smoking triggers; these can run from liquor, espresso to hanging out with specific companions who smoke relentlessly. 
  • Thirdly, converse with your specialist about against smoking medications like nicotine supplanting help (NRT) items like nicotine fixes and gum. NRT serves to substitute smoke with helpful nicotine to murder the yearning and twofold the shots of stopping. Utilize these items as a piece of your general stopping arrangement. A 12-week course alongside right utilization is informed to stay away from chances regarding backslide. 
  • In conclusion, reward yourself for attaining your objectives. Go out for supper in the wake of staying without smoke for a week or treat yourself to a back rub following one month, et cetera. 
  • Additionally, make another standard for yourself. Assuming that prior you used to smoke a cigarette after suppers, rather take a 20-moment walk and listen to great music of your decision.

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Sunday, 16 March 2014

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How To Set Your Browser To Use Multiple Url Opener Tool

How to set your browser to use url opener tool
How to set your browser to use url opener tool
Are you tried to do same activity of copy and paste to open a wide range of website URLs in separate windows or new tabs. If yes then here you will get the best way to learn how to open a wide range of web URLs in new tabs in just a single click.

Url opener is a best way to open multiple URLs in a short time. Here you can read & learn that how you can set your web browser (firefox, chrome etc) to open multiple URLs in new tabs by using web url opener tool without any registration or created any account.

Here we have mentioned all the instructions how to set your browser to open new windows in tabs :

A.) For Firefox Users :
  • Step 1: Click on the firefox button in the upper left.
  • Step 2: Roll on Options & click.
  • Step 3: Click on the Content & Next to "Block pop-up windows" click the Exceptions button.
  • Step 4: Paste this url "" and click on close at the bottom of dialog box.
  • Step 5: Click on OK in the option box.

B.) For Chrome Users :
  • Step 1: Click on the "Three bars" (Chrome menu) at the "upper right corner". 
  • Step 2: Click on Setting.
  • Step 3: Scroll down and Click on "Show Advance Setting".
  • Step 4: Click on "Content Setting" that comes under Privacy. 
  • Step 5: Then again scroll on "Pop-ups" and click on "Manage Exceptions".
  • Step 5: Then paste  this url "" in the blank field which is under "Hostname pattern," and select "allow" in the behavior's field. Then click on "Done".
Note:-  All the Chrome users may STILL need to hold down the "Ctrl key" when they use the Web url opener tool to prevent some of the websites from opening as separate windows.

C.) For Internet Explorer Users :
  • Step 1: Click on the Tool Menu.
  • Step 2: Roll on over "Pop-up Blocker option", Click on Pop-up blocker setting.
  • Step 3: Click on the Content & Next to "Block pop-up windows" click the Exceptions button.
  • Step 4: Paste this url "" in the "Address of website to allow" and then click the button "Add".
  • Step 5 Click "Close" button.

Now with the help of all the instructions given above, you can set your browser to open new windows in new tabs at same time. You are free to open multiple URLs on any browser, which are mentioned above.

After all these setting you can use the tool by visiting here, Multiple URL Opener Tool. And you can add this resource url in your "bookmarks list" to easily open again this source.
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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

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Top 10 On-Page SEO Tips for 2014 And Beyond

tips for seo
Tips for on-page seo
The main objective of this article is to focus on the ranking strategies of Google which are different then other search engines. After the few updates in previous year we have experienced that SEO is going to be more competitive & confusing, especially for the new beginners in this industry.

To improve your skills/knowledge you must read various blogs or article about SEO tips & tricks on other websites/blogs. It’s become so frustrating whenever you read various methods or particular SEO strategies and after that you begin to implement them. But finally you realize that the methods you learned are not working or result based, and all your methods might be the reason of red flag by Google.

In the last few years Google has updated various algorithms (to improve search results) including penguin, humming bird, knowledge graph & the mostly the Panda which has changed SEO forever, "Google Panda Algorithms". Due to all these updates lots of websites have lost their ranking on SERP (search engine result page). And it could be a best opportunity/scope for you to get your site on top position in ranking on SERP if you do your SEO in the way which Google consider from webmasters/SEO.

So here you’ll get best tips for Search Engine Optimization to improve your results and that would be also helpful for you regarding further more Google updates in future.

Now Content is treated as a King in SEO, its main focus here and we’ll talk only the topic related to on-page SEO. Because it belief that if you have quality content in your website then the back-links that you get will naturally as Google considers.

All the topics about On-page SEO are mentioned here:- 

1. Keywords : Focus On The Content Topic
The recent update of Google “Humming bird” was not just an update, it has changed the whole search algorithm way. First you must know about the new trends of searches on search engines. Ideally, you should have an idea about your target communities or people that what type of keywords are they likely use to search & reach you is one of the crucial step for a successful SEO campaign. 

Keywords : keep focus on your content
Use of “keyword’s synonym” is a best way to reduce the unwanted density of keyword in your content. 

For example: - If you have a website about Dogs then I would like to suggest you do not try to use the keywords such as “dog”, “dogs”. Instead of these single keywords you can focus on keywords related to your post such as “small dog breeds”, “dog food recepies” & “Dog obedience training”. 

For instance, if you have a site about dogs, do NOT try and optimize for the keyword "dog" or "dogs". Instead you could try and focus on keywords like "dog obedience training", "small dog breeds", "homemade dog food", "dog food recipes" etc.

You can use Google Keyword planner tool which is a free online tool.

2. Content Quality : Write Descriptive and Meaningful Articles
quality content
Write Descriptive & meaningful content
It was an old time when articles were easily get ranked on SERP either they were descriptive/meaningful or not. But nowadays, your content should be descriptive or meaningful which must be able to fulfill the user’s requirements. 

The best way to write descriptive/meaningful content is, mention a list with types & features and advantages and also add FAQ (frequently asked question) in your content. 

3. Urls : Keep It Readable
URL stand for “Uniform Resource Locator” which is a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) subset specially used to specify where the valid resource is available and the mechanism to retrieve it. You can get better CTR with a readable URL in SERP. In SERP among all the URLs a readable URL has the high probability of being clicked in comparison of other short or non readable/formatted URLs.

URL is a readable text form which replaces the number (IP address) that is used by computers to communicate with the servers. It is very beneficial to describe a website or a webpage among the visitors & search engines. 

URLs Should:
  • Only use hyphen symbol to make separate words in URLs only if necessary for readability. They should not use underscores, spaces, or any other characters to separate words. 
  • Overuse of hyphens in URLs can be seen as spammy. So when possible. It’s best to use caution and limit hyphen use in URLs.
  • Don’t ever use more than 2,048 characters; otherwise Internet Explorer would be unable to load the page.
  • If possible don’t use the parameters. And if it’s necessary to use parameters, then keep limit should be two or less of them.
It is consider as the key to ranking well if you keep your web URLs relevant, compelling, and accurate. If it’s necessary to separate two or more words in your URLs then only use hyphens, for readability. And don’t ever try to use other symbols such as underscores, spaces etc to make your words separate. 

4. Increase Audience : With Unique and Fresh Content
The prime aim of online marketing is to increase the quantity of audience/traffic on your website. It could be done only with the freshness, quality or uniqueness of the content; that means target the topics which are untouched & still are not targeted by others. 
Increase Audience with fresh content
Increase your audience with fresh content

As result, the influence of your circle will increase in social media sites including Google+, Facebook , Twitter, StumbleUpon etc. A fresh content helps not only to increase the readership but also the crawling frequency of the webpage and website’s depth. You have a mindset that your website content is about to create trust & awareness and this kind of mindset would be very inspirational for you to write about some more topics.

5. Bounce Rate : Engagement of Visitor’s On Your Website
Bounce rate is considered as single page visit on your website or blog. It becomes less if the user spent more time on your website. Make sure that your webpage content should be meaningful & quality content.  Increasing the user engagement for a long time-period on your website reduce the bounce rate and thereby increase the chances to get better ranking on SERP.
Bounce rate of your site

To increase user engagement following ways are mentioned below:- 
  • Quality of content
  • Webpage design & layout
  • Better website navigation/link presentation
  • Font style & line spacing arrangements 
All these are the most important factors which can effect massively on the time, bounce rate and user engagement statics.

6. Titles & Headers : Create Meaningful and Attention Garbing
Title tag is the most important text to describe any online document or a webpage. It is the second most important factor of On-page optimization in SEO. It has three key places including SERP, browsers and external websites. 
The rule of creating title tag and header are still not changed but there are some changes made in Google title tag algorithm. So if you are planning to optimize your webpage title tag on the basis of your webpage content then your title should be relevant to your content. 

It’s very important to choose the right keyword that you want to mention in your title tag & header, only consider an exact matching term having highest search volume and create a meaningful title tag. 

Whenever you make a title tag, try to aim your title tag in 65-70 character because on SERP (search engine result page) the Google display the title tag less than 70 characters. And the title having 70+ characters lengths are truncated and sometimes you get the different text from the webpage in place of the title tag you search. 70 characters limit is an ideal guideline for length or limit for any webpage title.

7. Description : Should Be Focused To Increase Click-Through Rate
Meta description is a HTML attribute which is generally used to provide brief clarification of the webpage. It is basically used to provide a snippet of a particular webpage that display on SERP.

Meta description is not important to increase keyword ranking, but it’s most crucial to increase the CTR (click through rate) of a webpage on SERP. It can contain any length, but it’s good to keep your description limit less then 170 characters. 

Generally search engines truncate all those snippets which have length longer than 160 characters. All those sites that have better CTR, Google might intend to push them up on SERP.

8. Page Load Time : Most Important To Reduce Bounce Rate
To make a good experience of a visitor with a website, page load time plays a vital role. Sometime we add more content in the website, give better design & features but instead of all these things the user tends to care more for speed (page load time). 

Additionally, when it comes about ranking on SERP, it's becoming a major factor. High page load time is also helpful to reduce the bounce rate of webpage. 
page load time
Reduce webpage load time
Here is the List of Tips How to Reduce Your Web Page Load Time:- 
  • Minimize HTTP Requests - It means that reduce & manage all those items which have need to be loaded such as images, scripts and style sheets.
  • Use CSS sprites whenever possible - It combine all background used images and make one image of all of them, it help to reduce the list of HTTP requests.
  • Reduce 301 Redirects - Don’t overuse of 301 redirects; it redirects the browser to a new URL and the browser requires waiting for the http request to comeback. 
  • Use a CDN - Using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) is beneficial to increase website load time, and user can download all the information from website in a parallel way.
  • Put all your CSS in one external file and connect each page to the <head> section via link instead of loading it in HTML page. It loads faster & also helps in caching of external page.

9. Keyword Stuffing : Avoid It and Ignore It
Keyword stuffing
Keyword stuffing : avoid it
Keyword stuffing means repeat same keywords in your content is consider as unethical technique of SEO, search engine can banned your website either for temporarily or permanently. It was an outdated method which was used in the previous years to get ranking on SERP. But now all those sites, employing this trick don't get ranking on SERP by Google.

Example of Keyword Stuffing: -
White is a word on a white webpage that is white because the background is white. White is a color. White is not black. White is always white and lighter than green. There also is bright white, dark white, off white etc.

Important Note: - in this example we have shown a webpage content, which is about white. There are total 39 words in this content in which 10 times white words is repeated.  Now the density of white word is around 27% that is very bad for a webpage. So don’t do this type of keyword spamming in your content and keep your keywords density 3-4% which is an ideal ratio according to the guidelines of SEO. 

10. Advertisements : Too Many Ads Can Get Penalized
Advertisement on your site can penalized your site
How much ads & the places where you advertise them? Well advertisement of ads on your website is not a big issue but if you display too many irrelevant ads or inappropriate ads on your site then your site could be penalized. You should avoid such kind of advertisements that generate popup on your site because It interrupt & decrease the ability of crawling of your site via Google bots.

Here we have mentioned the roundup of 10 best on-page SEO tips for 2014 which will be helpful in future also. I hope this will help you to make your on-page SEO section more strong.

If you have any suggestion, please mention in comments and help us to make this post more informative.

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Friday, 7 March 2014

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IRCTC Nava Jyothirlingas Train Tour to Lord Shiva temples

Shri Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga Image - Find On Web

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd (IRCTC) has organized a pilgrimage (Jyotirlingas darshan) of 14 days via train to explore the revered destinations of Lord Shiva in different states of India. It is believed that Lord Shiva resides there in form of stalagmite Lingam which is called Shivling.

The train will cover the following jyotirlinga’s destinations (Tour Itinerary): Chennai – Mahakaleshwar – Omkareshwar – Somnath – Bhim Shankar – Triambakeshwar – Grushneshwar – Ayuundh Nagnath – Parli Vaijinath – Srisailam.

The tour/pilgrimage will start from March 16 and end March 29. "This tour has been specially organized for the senior citizens to do the darshan of the Nava Jyotirlingas of four different states which are not accessible by regular modes of transport," said a press release.

The silent features of the train are mentioned below:-
  • 3 tier AC coaches
  • Coaches with Sleeper class
  • Separate pantry car
  • Escort to safeguard luggage
  • Public Announcement system

The 'Jyothirlingas Train Tour' along with accommodation of hotel, buses services to stroll/transfers and sightseeing, vegetarian catering on both onboard & off-board and security  & escorts services.

The tour has categorized in following categories which are: deluxe, standard, comfort and budget and the starting price of package is Rs 17,300 per person.

The schedule of Nava Jyotirlingas Darshan via Train is given below:-

Mid Night
Chennai Central
Mid Night
Mid Night
Arrival Ujjain at
Tourists to alight. Transfer to Accommodation Center. Fresh up. Darshan of Mahakaleshwar (Jyothirlinga)


Night Stay
Departure from Ujjain Jn.

Proceed to Omkareshwar Darshan of Omkareshwar (Jyothirlinga) Departure from Omkareshwar


Board train from Ujjain at
Night (Train Journey)
Arrival Somnath at

Night Stay
Darshan of Somanatha Swamy (Jyothirlinga)


Board train from Somnath at

Morning(Train Journey)
Arrival at Pune

Fresh-up in train. Proceed to Bhimshankar Dharshan (Jyothirlinga)Back to Pune


Board the train from PUNE
Night(Train Journey)
Arrival Nasik Road at

Tourists to alight. Transfer to Accommodation Center. Fresh up. Proceed to Triambakeshwar Somvar Darshan of Triambakeshwarar (Jyothirlinga)


Back to Nasik
Night Stay
Board train from Nasik Road at

Arrival Aurangabad at
Proceed to Grushneshwar (Jyothirlinga) After Darshan back to Aurangabad


Board train from Aurangabad at
Arrival Nanded at
Night Stay
Proceed to Ayundh Nagnath Darshan After Darshan proceed back to Nanded

Ayundh Nagnath

Ayundh Nagnath
Morning (Night Stay)
Departure from H Sahib Nanded after fresh up

Early Morning
Board train from Nanded at
Early Morning
Arrival Parli at
Darshan of Parli Vaijinath(Jyothirlinga)

Parli Vaijinath

Parli Vaijinath
Departure from Parli Vaijinath
After noon
Arrival Hyderabad Proceed to Srisailam
Night Journey by bus
Arrival Srisailam

Darshan of Mallikarjuna Swamy (Jyothirlinga) & back to Hyderabad

Departure from Hyderabad

Mallikarjuna Swamy

Mallikarjuna Swamy
Late Night
Arrival at Chennai Central

Mid Night
Mid Night
Arrival at Madurai
Early Morning
Tours Ends
Boarding Point: Madurai, Erode, Chennai Central and Vijayawada
De-boarding Points: Hyderabad , Chennai Central, Erode and Madurai
* Above Date and Timings are subject to change

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