Wednesday, 26 February 2014

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3 Years Ago Today, SEO Changed Forever With Google's Panda Algorithm

Today is a day that'll never forget by any SEO and webmasters, it is the day when Google had launched his First Panda Algorithm. On 24th February 2011, 3 years ago today, the SEO's space was transformed forever by Google by building an algorithm to downgrade the low quality content.

Panda had put a huge impact on Google's search results than most, if not all, search quality related algorithms in the history of Google. So many SEOs argued that Penguin was felt more, and especially after the Panda update it was likely by SEOs. But may be, Panda had a wider imprint.

Since then, we had about 25 Panda refreshes and updates, here are some:
  •     Panda #25 on March 15, 2013
  •     Panda #24 on January 22, 2013
  •     Panda #23 on December 21, 2012
  •     Panda #22 on November 21st
  •     Panda #22 on November 21st
  •     Panda #21 on November 5th
  •     Panda #20 on September 27th
  •     Panda 3.9.2 on September 18th
  •     Panda 3.9.1 on August 20th
  •     Panda 3.9 on July 24th
  •     Panda 3.8 on June 25th
  •     Panda 3.7 on June 9th
  •     Panda 3.6 on April 27th
  •     Panda 3.5 on April 19th
  •     Panda 3.4 on March 23rd
  •     Panda 3.3 on about February 26th
  •     Panda 3.2 on about January 15th
  •     Panda 3.1 on November 18th
  •     Panda 2.5.3 on October 19/20th
  •     Panda 2.5.2 on October 13th
  •     Panda 2.5.1 on October 9th
  •     Panda 2.5 on September 28th
  •     Panda 2.4 in August
  •     Panda 2.3 on around July 22nd.
  •     Panda 2.2 on June 18th or so.
  •     Panda 2.1 on May 9th or so.
  •     Panda 2.0 on April 11th or so.
  •     Panda 1.0 on February 24th
Last year, Google had stopped about the confirmation of Panda updates and then again started rolling out updates but that was not mean that they they have not completed his work on fine tuning the algorithm. They softened it recently and monthly there have been new updates or refreshes, some of them larger than others but its not easy to know if it's Panda or something else.

Anyway, Panda is an important update which is still felt today throughout our space.

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