Monday, 11 August 2014

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Google Algorithm Update Around 8th August 2014

Google Algorithm Update Around 8th August
I am seeing critical indications of a true Google redesign both regarding summer/weekend discussion jabber at Webmasterworld, via the automated tools of website monitoring.

The upgrade appears to have around 8th or 9th August, 2014 and has proceeded as the weekend progressed.

Here are a few quotes from the Webmasterworld string :

  • I concur with the above observations. Seeing a huge drop in traffic volume and conversions, but spidering is going ballistic!
  • I join samwest, with big drops, hours with -95% traffic with folloowed spurts of traffic. Overalltraffic is at about 60%. Bounce is near 100%. And yes we changed a little bit the navigation but this is about 8 weeks ago. I know of two others seeing the same. It feels like a new panda. 

Source Link : seroundtable


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